Autor: olle sundström (m<tecka>sundstrom<zavinac>comhem<tecka>se) (3.6.2006, 20:49:44)   odpovědět

I am very interested in railway modelling and try to find interesting objects to construct. Further, I am frequently visiting the Parostroj goods wagon department where I have found two goods wagons that I would like to build:

o the 200 hl tank wagon type R with double link suspension built by Vagonka Studenka
My desire is to get a photo of the car and to know the number(s) of the(se) car(s)
and building year.
o the flat car type Ptdo, built by Vagonka Studenka. Same wishes as for the
above car.

I am of course prepared to pay for copying costs etc. I also understand German.

Thanks in advance
Olle Sundström
Bergmästaregatan 18B

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